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5 Powerful Tips to Market an Open House

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It goes without saying that for an open house to be successful, you need to get people in the door.  Before the internet, this was in many ways easier.  There were only so many places to advertise (a listing in the paper and some flyers on the doorstep) and when the day came, you would place a sign on the front yard and on the corner of your street.  Flash forward to now and there are so many different ways to get the word out. You really have to adapt and get creative with how you are going to get those feet in the door!

Below are some ideas on how to market those open houses like a pro!

1. Look To Local Businesses

Teaming up with local businesses is an awesome way to give your open house marketing a boost.  The first step to consider is how you can benefit them.  If it’s a restaurant, perhaps you can cater their food for your open house.  Maybe offer to hand out coupons for their business.  If you approach them with some ideas on how this arrangement can be beneficial to them, they are more likely to move forward with the arrangement.  Now that you have gotten that out of the way, you can brainstorm how they can help you. Do they offer any places where you can display information about your upcoming open house? Is there a space for local establishments to advertise their services?

flyer makerNow would be the right time to think about printing up some flyers to put on display. offers a great online flyer maker.  They have tons of beautiful real estate flyer templates that can be customized with your own text and images.  Just download, print and share!

2. Create and Send Email Flyers

Email is one of the best ways to reach people.  When they receive an email, they have to either read it or delete it. Make sure you are maintaining an up-to-date email list and let your prospects know you have an upcoming open house.  Next step is to create an awesome email flyer to send out.

If you do not want to maintain your own database of contacts, use an email flyer service such as They are so simple to use and I love their email flyer templates.   When creating your email flyers, you should think about including any special details about the open house. Will you be serving refreshments or have a special kids corner?  These are details that will help your email flyer stand out.

Add some beautiful images of the property and voila!  You have a buzz generating marketing piece ready to go with a click.

3. Become Best Friends With Other Agents

It’s always a good idea to have a nice group of agents you are friendly with both in and out of the office.  Focus on the ones that are selling as much as you or more.  Create a nice little network of top performers and agree to share details on upcoming open houses.  Have one person create the list and send an email out to everyone in the network. You may have just doubled your attendance, so easy! 2 heads are better than 1 and 10 are better than 5.  Never hurts to have like- minded, success driven professionals helping each other succeed.

4. Look to Offices Near Your Listing

Do some research and find out what businesses are near your upcoming open house. Print up flyers for the open house and leave them at the businesses. Attract more attention by attaching a small treat or coupons to a local establishment.  Adding value to the flyer will increase the odds of someone looking at it.

5.  If You Are Not Using Social Media..You Should Be 

As a given, you should be posting about your upcoming open house on all your social media accounts ( LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).  Your sellers should also be sharing that post on their own social media sites. These are the basics, you need to take it to the next level to stand out.  One way to do this is by scouring your local community Facebook pages.  They always have a bunch of followers and posting your open house will certainly have a lot of eyes on it.  Just think of all the “sharing” that can take place, expanding your reach without having to do any work! Just be sure to read the terms of groups Facebook page.  Some do not allow advertising.  You as well want to create an ad for the open house to appear both on Twitter and Facebook.