5 Tips on Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Plan

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catHaving a pet at home provides so much joy to a family. Many pets are loved and considered part of the family because of the affection, loyalty and fun they bring. However, there are costs associated with keeping a pet at home and vet bills are one example.

Good news is that the right pet insurance can help offset these otherwise costly vet bills. There are different types of pet coverage available. It is important to consider these carefully before deciding whether pet insurance is really worth it or not. Having some basic understanding of pet insurance is essential before committing to a particular cover.

1. Choose the right kind of pet coverage

There are essentially 3 types of pet coverage. These are accident insurance, illness insurance and wellness insurance. Accident insurance covers the cost of treating a pet in case of an accident. This is the most common type of cover because most pet owners want to be sure their pet will receive treatment when an accident occurs.

The other types of pet insurance are illness cover and wellness cover. Illness is an uncertainty that can be covered. The cost goes up as the pet ages so it is advisable to get this cover whilst the pet is still young and without pre-existing conditions. The final type of pet cover is wellness insurance. This type of cover takes care of an event that will happen which is the routine annual tests and exams.

2. Compare costs and choose the most appropriately priced plan

There are different types of pet insurance from different companies. Some are expensive while others can be considered affordable. No pet owner should over-pay for their insurance and similarly, underpaying should not be an option. Pet owners should therefore take the time to compare the different types of cover in the market, compare the cover with vet charges and then make the best choice in terms of pricing.

3. Identify the most suitable insurance company to buy from

There are plenty of insurance companies offering pet insurance coverage in the market. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the most suitable company. Fortunately, there are some parameters that can be used by pet owners to make a determination. These factors include cost of insurance, customer service experience, company rankings with organizations such as BBB, incentives and even customer reviews. These factors can point a pet owner to the most suitable insurance company.

4. Find out the rules regarding pre-existing conditions

Many insurance companies are often alert to conditions or illnesses a pet may have suffered in the past. Some, like cancer, are costly to treat. Before investing in any insurance policy, pet owners should find out what a company’s policy is in regards to pre-existing conditions. This can help in making the right decision.

5. Is specialized coverage required?

Some types of pets such as large dog breeds need special kinds of insurance. Others may require cover for conditions such as cancer. Before investing in any pet insurance, pet owners should find out more information on whether a particular pet may require specialized coverage.