A Review of Boss Capital

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boss capital logoBoss Capital offers clients options to trade binary options. When first logging in to the site, one will see a number of different banners, each with its own headlines. First and foremost they stress the amount of profit that a person can make when trading binary options.

Trading is obviously where this company makes its money, but protecting the individuals who are doing the trades are just as important. Responsibility of the company should fall where there is risk and assessing that risk for each client.

Boss Capital does offer risk assessment and educational tools that help the individual visiting their site understanding the ratio of profit to loss. One can see that these educational tools are secondary to their primary objective, which is the main focus of their site.

Educational Tools

Upon scrolling midway down the landing page, one is then approached with the educational tools. The site offers an “academy” where one can learn the specifics of what binary options are and how to responsibly trade them. This tool allows the potential trader to learn about the different types of options and periods of times that they are held.

The instructional academy appears to be well put together offering a number of different ways to learn the concepts. The academy boasts of videos, webinars and written materials. This lets everyone have a venue where they can learn about binary options that they can grasp and understand.

In the same section of the landing page one will find the ability to contact Boss Capital. They also offer a number of different options to talk with them. One can choose email or live chat. They boast of having hours of operation at any hour and that they have offices around the world so no matter where the person is, they can get help they can count on.

At the very bottom of the page is where the visitor can find the bulk of the information. Sites that deal with Binary options can be found there, as well as information about Boss Capital and what they do. A glossary can also be found there where people can learn more about specific terms.

Below all of this information and legal disclaimers, there it is denoted in small print the risk associated with trading binary options. It does seem queer that risk is not something that is dealt with in print that is adequate for reading. At least it is there and the risk is well denoted for people.


Overall the appearance of the site is pleasing and easy on the eyes. In some places it is kind of cramped and confusing, but this seems to be only in the center section of the landing page.  BinaryOptionBoss.com has a detailed Boss Capital review, if you want more information on this binary option broker.