7 Traditional Real Estate Marketing Tips That Help Bring In More Business

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Digital marketing has changed the real estate industry.  Homebuyers are online looking for homes on google and any other real estate websites.  All the agents are employing online marketing strategies, but as with anything, that can grow stale.  One way you can stand out is by revisiting those tried and true traditional marketing tactics.  This is not to say you should stop your social media marketing or any other digital advertising.  This is just something else to add back into your marketing arsenal.

Below are 7 traditional real estate marketing tips to help you boost sales.

1. Be proactive with your inbound marketing

In real estate, it is all about making those connections and it will not just happen by itself.  You have to be proactive.  Potential buyers and sellers are all over the place.  Your local events are a great place to start. Concerts, sports games, carnivals.  Use these venues to chat up couples both young and old.  Give them your business card and you now have a potential new lead.  Give them more than one so they can pass them onto any friends and family.  By doing this, you make yourself memorable.

2. Join forces with influential locals

Referrals are gold to real estate agents and brokers. Facebook and Google are good but the word of a trusted community professional is more trustworthy.  Consider linking up with heads of churches, newspaper editors, your local civic association as well as anyone else in a leadership position.

3. Every “for sale” sign should have your cell phone number and email address 

This is a great tactic, yet many agents leave this one off their to do list. Potential buyers do not want to get stuck with an answering service to try and get to the agent. Giving them access to your direct cell number and email address is much more inviting. You can even tell them to text you which makes it even easier for them which is a win all around.

4. Put together educational events

Whether you do it alone or bring in other real estate colleagues, putting on an event of expert lectures is a great idea.  You can give tips on credit repair, how to qualify for a mortgage, tips on refinancing or any other topic related to real estate.  At the end of the event, you can pass out your business card and give out flyers.  You will no doubt get a nice amount of leads.

5. You must follow up

This may seem obvious, but many agents often forget to follow up with potential clients. Leave a voicemail or send an email.  If you are worried about coming across as being pushy, give some thought as to how you can provide them with something of value.  You can share a new listing you think might interest them or some other information that they will find value in.

6. Get out there and network

This is one of the oldest forms of marketing and still stands strong.  Speak with local contractors, business owners, mortgage brokers, interior designers.  Anyone you can think of that can be an avenue for more business.

7. Get those flyers out

Flyers are still one of the most effective marketing tools for getting the word out about your listings.  Print them out and put them anywhere you can think of that allows businesses to market themselves.  Local businesses and community boards are a great start.  While you are at it, create real estate email flyers as well. It is a super fast and easy way to get the word out about your listings.  Make sure you have all the pertinent information on them and press send.