5 Tips For Creating New Social Media Posts With Old Content

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Coming up with fresh new content on a consistent basis can definitely be time consuming. If you are trying to get more posts out or even just looking to fill in some gaps, re-purposing your previously published content is a great idea.

Here are a few ideas on how you can re-purpose your work.

1. Take previously shared photos and use them as backgrounds for graphics and visual quotes

Do you have an awesome photo that you shared a while back?  Get creative and apply a filter or add an inspirational quote and repost it.  Boom.  You have a fresh new post ready to put on your social media channels.  Another thing you can do is use previous photos in your header images.

2. Evergreen content is your new best friend

Evergreen content is content that has no expiration date and will retain its value and relevancy over the long-term. These can be anything from how-to tutorials, videos, product reviews and more.  If you have any of these that you have posted, add a new spin on it or you can add value to the post by providing more in depth information on the subject at hand.  You can also rewrite the content by switching up the wording and adding some graphics.  Check out this informative article from Social Media Examiner if you want to read more about evergreen content.

3. Take a past post and build on it

If you have any past posts that have really done well with responses and shares, you can use this post as the base for a new post.  You can take the old post and add any new details or developments to it.  Voila, new post ready to go.  If you are not scheduling out your social media content , you should be.  This is a huge time saver and beneficial to your overall marketing process. I like using Autogrammer to schedule Instagram posts.   I can schedule out posts to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and their photo editing and sharing capabilities are great and simple to use.

4. Take survey results and make them into posts or graphics

Surveys are a great way to boost engagement with your followers.  If you have done any, they can really be a great source of content. After you have taken a survey, you can use specific insights that you found and create them into visual content (share facts, create an infographic).  You can also try and come up with new questions to ask your followers.

5. Put together summary posts

Putting together a summary of posts is an easy way to get more eyes on your more popular pieces of content.  Gather up your best or most popular posts from a specific period and showcase them to your audience with a tagline like “In case you missed this” or #ICYMI.  You can also present it as a “Best of the week/month” compilation of great posts on subject matter that is related to your business or audience.