10 Tips To Help You Optimize Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Instagram and Snapchat may be all the rage these days but Facebook still remains a dominant presence in the social media market. With over a billion people active daily, it is by far the most popular of the social platforms. In order for your Facebook business page to reach its fullest potential, you have to optimize your strategy.

Below are 10 ways to optimize your Facebook marketing strategy

Start with a Clear Goal

Before you begin to draft up any marketing plan, you have to set clear goals.  You also have to give thought to the metrics to measure for each in order to determine if your campaign was successful. These are steps you cannot afford to miss.  Below are some common goals to think about for a Facebook advertising campaign:

  • Driving up sales: If your business is targeting consumers, you want to look at using page post ads to promote your products in the news feed.  If you are targeting businesses, you want to stick with the page posts ads as well but also use the ads that appear in the right hand column. Either way, the end goal is to boost traffic to your website.
  • Increase brand awareness: More likes to your page is the goal and you can use page like ads to get them.  With that being said, you want them from a targeted audience.  Those of your competitors, people with aligned interests and custom audiences. Be sure to leave out those that are already fans.

Boost engagement on your posts

For this you want to use video ads, photo ads and link ads. You want your creative to be extremely visual with great photos.  Start by targeting your current base and add on by targeting those with similar age, gender, interest and purchasing behavior.

Mobile Ads and Desktop should be kept separate

Facebook provides you with different ad types that you can run.  They offer Instagram, desktop newsfeed, mobile newsfeed and right column. You should keep your mobile and desktop campaigns totally separate. This will allow you to enhance your bids, ads and conversions based on device.

Try out two different images

So much about advertising is visual.  Images will attract attention, and if you try out more than one, you will see they each perform differently.  For this reason, you should test out two images and see which one you get a higher response from.  You can then stop running the ad with the lower click rates and conversions that way you are maximizing your ROI.

Use Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike Audience from Facebook gives you the opportunity to create a custom audience that has the same traits as your current customers.  In order to create one, login to the Facebook ads manager and click on audiences. After that you just click on“Create audience” and select “Lookalike audience” from the menu.  You then need to choose the source of your lookalike audience.  This can be people who already like your page, those similar to your current customer base or people similar to those that have visited specific pages on your site. Keep in mind that the smaller audience size you go with, the more targeted it will be.

Add the Remarketing Pixel to your website

Potential customers that have come to your site but did not end up converting, are probably comparison shopping. This can take time and when they are ready to make their purchase, chances are they have forgotten about your site.  This is where the Facebook remarketing pixel comes in.  It allows you to target those people who came to your site via Facebook ads. All you have to do is install the code in the footer of your site. After a few days of pulling data, you will be able to see who has visited the different pages on your site. At that point, you can create lists to include in your marketing efforts.  A great tip is to exclude anyone who visited your thank you page since that means they already converted.

Use your email list

Facebook allows you to upload your email list and create a custom audience. Just create a .TXT or .CSV file with just one email address on each row.  Just go to “audiences” and it’s easy from there to upload it. You are also able to upload phone numbers and target them with Facebook ads, but that is only if their number is listed on their account. You also have the ability to create a lookalike audience based off of these targeted lists.

Schedule out your posts

As a business owner, finding the time to create great content to post for your social media accounts is tough.  With that being said, this is an essential part of content marketing.  If you find yourself not being able to dedicate the time needed to manage a successful Facebook presence, you should consider outsourcing this. You can partner up with a company that can create custom social media content for you. All you have to do is provide basic details about your company and your target audience and they will create unique content for your brand. This is not only for Facebook but also LinkedIn and Twitter.  Once you approve your content, you can schedule it to go out whenever you want.  This service has really been a time saver for my business and is definitely worth looking into.

Try out the carousel ads

If you find that your audience responds to product images that are in a series, you should consider combining them into a single carousel ad. Ecommerce businesses can also use Facebook’s dynamic product ads which allows you to cross-sell related products.  It will also allow you to retarget customers who visit your website but did not end up purchasing anything.

Advertise on Instagram, Too

Facebook owns Instagram, so if your audience is on there as well, it makes sense to advertise there.  You are able to create the same ads and you can choose whether you want your ads to just run on Facebook or both. A key factor with Facebook is you want to be sure to use segmentation.  Try running various ads on a small scale and see what works before dishing out more money.