5 Tips For Creating New Social Media Posts With Old Content

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Coming up with fresh new content on a consistent basis can definitely be time consuming. If you are trying to get more posts out or even just looking to fill in some gaps, re-purposing your previously published content is a great idea.

Here are a few ideas on how you can re-purpose your work.

1. Take previously shared photos and use them as backgrounds for graphics and visual quotes

Do you have an awesome photo that you shared a while back?  Get creative and apply a filter or add an inspirational quote and repost it.  Boom.  You have a fresh new post ready to put on your social media channels.  Another thing you can do is use previous photos in your header images.

2. Evergreen content is your new best friend

Evergreen content is content that has no expiration date and will retain its value and relevancy over the long-term. These can be anything from how-to tutorials, videos, product reviews and more.  If you have any of these that you have posted, add a new spin on it or you can add value to the post by providing more in depth information on the subject at hand.  You can also rewrite the content by switching up the wording and adding some graphics.  Check out this informative article from Social Media Examiner if you want to read more about evergreen content.

3. Take a past post and build on it

If you have any past posts that have really done well with responses and shares, you can use this post as the base for a new post.  You can take the old post and add any new details or developments to it.  Voila, new post ready to go.  If you are not scheduling out your social media content , you should be.  This is a huge time saver and beneficial to your overall marketing process. I like using Autogrammer to schedule Instagram posts.   I can schedule out posts to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and their photo editing and sharing capabilities are great and simple to use.

4. Take survey results and make them into posts or graphics

Surveys are a great way to boost engagement with your followers.  If you have done any, they can really be a great source of content. After you have taken a survey, you can use specific insights that you found and create them into visual content (share facts, create an infographic).  You can also try and come up with new questions to ask your followers.

5. Put together summary posts

Putting together a summary of posts is an easy way to get more eyes on your more popular pieces of content.  Gather up your best or most popular posts from a specific period and showcase them to your audience with a tagline like “In case you missed this” or #ICYMI.  You can also present it as a “Best of the week/month” compilation of great posts on subject matter that is related to your business or audience.



5 Powerful Tips to Market an Open House

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It goes without saying that for an open house to be successful, you need to get people in the door.  Before the internet, this was in many ways easier.  There were only so many places to advertise (a listing in the paper and some flyers on the doorstep) and when the day came, you would place a sign on the front yard and on the corner of your street.  Flash forward to now and there are so many different ways to get the word out. You really have to adapt and get creative with how you are going to get those feet in the door!

Below are some ideas on how to market those open houses like a pro!

1. Look To Local Businesses

Teaming up with local businesses is an awesome way to give your open house marketing a boost.  The first step to consider is how you can benefit them.  If it’s a restaurant, perhaps you can cater their food for your open house.  Maybe offer to hand out coupons for their business.  If you approach them with some ideas on how this arrangement can be beneficial to them, they are more likely to move forward with the arrangement.  Now that you have gotten that out of the way, you can brainstorm how they can help you. Do they offer any places where you can display information about your upcoming open house? Is there a space for local establishments to advertise their services?

flyer makerNow would be the right time to think about printing up some flyers to put on display. Flyerco.com offers a great online flyer maker.  They have tons of beautiful real estate flyer templates that can be customized with your own text and images.  Just download, print and share!

2. Create and Send Email Flyers

Email is one of the best ways to reach people.  When they receive an email, they have to either read it or delete it. Make sure you are maintaining an up-to-date email list and let your prospects know you have an upcoming open house.  Next step is to create an awesome email flyer to send out.

If you do not want to maintain your own database of contacts, use an email flyer service such as flyerus.com. They are so simple to use and I love their email flyer templates.   When creating your email flyers, you should think about including any special details about the open house. Will you be serving refreshments or have a special kids corner?  These are details that will help your email flyer stand out.

Add some beautiful images of the property and voila!  You have a buzz generating marketing piece ready to go with a click.

3. Become Best Friends With Other Agents

It’s always a good idea to have a nice group of agents you are friendly with both in and out of the office.  Focus on the ones that are selling as much as you or more.  Create a nice little network of top performers and agree to share details on upcoming open houses.  Have one person create the list and send an email out to everyone in the network. You may have just doubled your attendance, so easy! 2 heads are better than 1 and 10 are better than 5.  Never hurts to have like- minded, success driven professionals helping each other succeed.

4. Look to Offices Near Your Listing

Do some research and find out what businesses are near your upcoming open house. Print up flyers for the open house and leave them at the businesses. Attract more attention by attaching a small treat or coupons to a local establishment.  Adding value to the flyer will increase the odds of someone looking at it.

5.  If You Are Not Using Social Media..You Should Be 

As a given, you should be posting about your upcoming open house on all your social media accounts ( LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).  Your sellers should also be sharing that post on their own social media sites. These are the basics, you need to take it to the next level to stand out.  One way to do this is by scouring your local community Facebook pages.  They always have a bunch of followers and posting your open house will certainly have a lot of eyes on it.  Just think of all the “sharing” that can take place, expanding your reach without having to do any work! Just be sure to read the terms of groups Facebook page.  Some do not allow advertising.  You as well want to create an ad for the open house to appear both on Twitter and Facebook.


All You Need To Know About Powder Coating

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Powder coating is a coating that is applied to objects much like your common household paint, but unlike paint, powder coating does not contain a liquid filler that needs time to evaporate. Instead, after a powder coating is applied, it is heat cured until it forms a “skin”. The powder is made up of either a thermoplastic or thermoset polymer. Using the powder coating method results in a much tougher surface than conventional painting does. And much like paint, a powder coating may be applied to a variety of surfaces, such as metals, automobile and bicycle parts, drum hardware, and household appliances.

There are advantages in using the powder coating method as compared to painting. Since there is no liquid carrier in powder coating to evaporate, powder coating produces much fewer volatile organic compounds than painting does, and with the absence of a liquid carrier, several coats of powder coating can be applied to a surface without running. Another advantage when using powder coating is that many different colors may be applied before being heat cured, which results in eye catching color blending and bleeding. Powder coating is also surprisingly cost effective because the cost of a powder coat gun, booth and oven is comparable to the cost of a typical spray gun system. However, unlike spray paint systems, any over-spray from the powder coating process can be recycled.

Powder coating contains different polymers, including polyester, epoxy, polyester-epoxy, polyurethane and acrylics. To produce the powder in powder coating requires a three step process. In a mixer, granules of polymer, pigments, hardeners and other powder type ingredients are mixed well. The resulting mixture is then well heated in an extruder. Then the mixture is rolled out flat to allow it to cool. When cooled, the mixture is then broken up into chips. Finally, the chips are run through a grinder, resulting in a very fine powder.

The powder coating process consists of preparation, powder application and curing. Before the coating can be applied, dirt, oil, grease, welding scale and metal oxides must be removed. This can be done by mechanical or chemical methods, depending on what material the part consists of and the size of the part to be coated. The chemical process entails immersing the part into a chemical bath containing phosphates and chromates. Another method to prepare the surface is to use an abrasive process known as sandblasting.

Applying the coating is commonly accomplished by spraying, using an electrostatic gun. The job of the gun is to produce a positive electric charge to the powder, which in turn will easily stick to the object being coated. An alternative method is called the fluidized bed method, which is done by heating the object and then dipping it into a powder filled bed, thus allowing the powder to melt and stick to the heated object.

The curing process uses heat, which in turn, causes the powder to melt and causes a chemical reaction resulting in a durable polymer bond.


5 Tips on Choosing the Best Pet Insurance Plan

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catHaving a pet at home provides so much joy to a family. Many pets are loved and considered part of the family because of the affection, loyalty and fun they bring. However, there are costs associated with keeping a pet at home and vet bills are one example.

Good news is that the right pet insurance can help offset these otherwise costly vet bills. There are different types of pet coverage available. It is important to consider these carefully before deciding whether pet insurance is really worth it or not. Having some basic understanding of pet insurance is essential before committing to a particular cover.

1. Choose the right kind of pet coverage

There are essentially 3 types of pet coverage. These are accident insurance, illness insurance and wellness insurance. Accident insurance covers the cost of treating a pet in case of an accident. This is the most common type of cover because most pet owners want to be sure their pet will receive treatment when an accident occurs.

The other types of pet insurance are illness cover and wellness cover. Illness is an uncertainty that can be covered. The cost goes up as the pet ages so it is advisable to get this cover whilst the pet is still young and without pre-existing conditions. The final type of pet cover is wellness insurance. This type of cover takes care of an event that will happen which is the routine annual tests and exams.

2. Compare costs and choose the most appropriately priced plan

There are different types of pet insurance from different companies. Some are expensive while others can be considered affordable. No pet owner should over-pay for their insurance and similarly, underpaying should not be an option. Pet owners should therefore take the time to compare the different types of cover in the market, compare the cover with vet charges and then make the best choice in terms of pricing.

3. Identify the most suitable insurance company to buy from

There are plenty of insurance companies offering pet insurance coverage in the market. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the most suitable company. Fortunately, there are some parameters that can be used by pet owners to make a determination. These factors include cost of insurance, customer service experience, company rankings with organizations such as BBB, incentives and even customer reviews. These factors can point a pet owner to the most suitable insurance company.

4. Find out the rules regarding pre-existing conditions

Many insurance companies are often alert to conditions or illnesses a pet may have suffered in the past. Some, like cancer, are costly to treat. Before investing in any insurance policy, pet owners should find out what a company’s policy is in regards to pre-existing conditions. This can help in making the right decision.

5. Is specialized coverage required?

Some types of pets such as large dog breeds need special kinds of insurance. Others may require cover for conditions such as cancer. Before investing in any pet insurance, pet owners should find out more information on whether a particular pet may require specialized coverage.

Pet Grooming Basics from Bathing to Brushing

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dog groomingOwning a pet comes with great grooming and responsibility and is an important element of caring for one’s pet. Grooming most effective practices vary widely across breeds. Grooming may be a do it yourself endeavor, make sure you have the right equipment, or you could leave grooming to the professionals. Below are some grooming basics to try and keep in mind.

1. Bathing

The ASPCA advices that one bathes their pet at least once every three months. But, if your pet is more outdoors frequently, one may require to bathe their pet more frequently. Many pets are scared of loud noises, thus introduce the very noisy hair dryer early on!

The initial step to giving ones pet a healthy bath is selecting the right tools. Conditioners and shampoos should be quite gentle in nature. Note: A good shampoo can be found on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Medicated-Dog-Shampoo-Antifungal-Antibacterial/dp/B016PATC4S

It’s a good idea to test them on a pet first (before purchasing a lifetime supply) so as to make sure your pet doesn’t experience allergic reactions. Your local pet or vet store may be able also to recommend better types for your pet.

Finally, don’t forget cleaning the pet’s ears. It’s one of the few finishing touches of grooming.

2. Brushing

Brushing your pets prior to bathing them is recommended to get rid of any dead tangles or hair. If you do not know how to get rid of dead or tangled hairs properly choose the correct type of comb based on the pet’s coat.

Three common brushes are:

  • Bristle Brush – Universal style brush which can be used on all coat types.
  • Wire Pin Brush – Effective for medium to long breeds.
  • Sticker Brush – tool for getting easily through tangles and mats.

A note on shedding: Dealing with this can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, many more effective remedies are now available such as the anti-shedding blades, de-shedding shampoos, vacuums and nutritional supplements. Any local pet store or vet’s office will gladly offer many options as well as online ordering can be a lower cost option.

Note: Heaving shedding is common for some breeds.

3. Clipping Nails

Clipping a pet’s nails is a vital aspect of any grooming process; using equipment such as clippers, scissors and grinders vary upon the size and breed of your pet. Tutorials online on these topics are abundant and may be a great teaching for first-timers. Often the most difficult challenge with clipping a pet’s nails is having your pet sit still. If one’s pet is young, it’s a good idea to have it get used to nail clipping early. With larger pets however, it may be wiser to enlist the assistance of another person.

4. Brushing Teeth

Clean teeth are an important part of a pet’s grooming routine. Pet nutrition could run the gamut entirely from being something which merely sustains any pet’s life to foods which can actually help maintain certain health deficiencies. Work with any veterinarian to strive highly for the optimal amount of nutrients for your pet’s individual needs. So how does one know what to actually feed that important family member? It’s best to begin with the basics.

A Review of Boss Capital

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boss capital logoBoss Capital offers clients options to trade binary options. When first logging in to the site, one will see a number of different banners, each with its own headlines. First and foremost they stress the amount of profit that a person can make when trading binary options.

Trading is obviously where this company makes its money, but protecting the individuals who are doing the trades are just as important. Responsibility of the company should fall where there is risk and assessing that risk for each client.

Boss Capital does offer risk assessment and educational tools that help the individual visiting their site understanding the ratio of profit to loss. One can see that these educational tools are secondary to their primary objective, which is the main focus of their site.

Educational Tools

Upon scrolling midway down the landing page, one is then approached with the educational tools. The site offers an “academy” where one can learn the specifics of what binary options are and how to responsibly trade them. This tool allows the potential trader to learn about the different types of options and periods of times that they are held.

The instructional academy appears to be well put together offering a number of different ways to learn the concepts. The academy boasts of videos, webinars and written materials. This lets everyone have a venue where they can learn about binary options that they can grasp and understand.

In the same section of the landing page one will find the ability to contact Boss Capital. They also offer a number of different options to talk with them. One can choose email or live chat. They boast of having hours of operation at any hour and that they have offices around the world so no matter where the person is, they can get help they can count on.

At the very bottom of the page is where the visitor can find the bulk of the information. Sites that deal with Binary options can be found there, as well as information about Boss Capital and what they do. A glossary can also be found there where people can learn more about specific terms.

Below all of this information and legal disclaimers, there it is denoted in small print the risk associated with trading binary options. It does seem queer that risk is not something that is dealt with in print that is adequate for reading. At least it is there and the risk is well denoted for people.


Overall the appearance of the site is pleasing and easy on the eyes. In some places it is kind of cramped and confusing, but this seems to be only in the center section of the landing page.  BinaryOptionBoss.com has a detailed Boss Capital review, if you want more information on this binary option broker.

How To Improve The Score on Your Credit Report

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good creditYour credit report is used for obtaining financing for a car, home or credit. It is important that you maintain a good credit report, because you will save money on interest rates. People who have a bad credit rating must pay more money for homes and cars or they are declined. Many corporations also run a credit check for employment opportunities.

Understanding Your Credit Report

It is important that you review your credit report at least once each year. There is no charge for requesting your credit report one time, but if you are turned down for credit, you can request another report free of charge. There are many things you can do to improve your credit report once you obtain it. You can request your credit report online or through the mail.

Update your accounts that have been paid in full or closed to list as many accounts with a positive rating as possible. The three major credit reporting agencies in America include Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Visit their website to ensure everything is correct such as employment, address and account information. You can also place an alert on your credit report if you have been a victim of identity theft.

You will find in your credit report personal information about you, including your Social Security number, past and current address, past and present mortgages, credit cards, installment agreements, loans and public records, such as liens and bankruptcies. Your credit report will note if accounts are current or past due. It will also indicate whether you have moved without notifying a creditor.

How to Change Your Credit Report

If you find credit or personal information that is not accurate, you will need to dispute them with the help of a credit repair company such as Lexington Law. Some credit reporting agencies allow you to do this online, while others only accept disputes through the mail. Expect to wait a few days for online disputes and several weeks through the mail. When you challenge your credit report, the agency is required to verify the information. If the information cannot be verified, the agency must remove the information from your report.

Be prepared to submit proof of your dispute in the form of credit card receipts or copies of checks that show you paid the debt. Do not dispute more than three items per letter or online request. This will only slow the entire process down and leave you frustrated. Most credit reporting agencies must contact you within 30 days after receiving your letter. Disputing your credit report is your legal right according to the law.

Replacing Good Credit with Bad

If you are patient and persistent, then you can change your credit report from bad to good. It may take some time for bad credit to drop off your credit report, but if you start making good financial decisions, you can greatly improve your credit. If you do not have any debt, then apply for a credit card that you pay off each month. This can help improve your credit report and save you money on future purchases.

Brief History of the 22RE Engine

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toyota 22reToyota has a long standing reputation for the durability of their engines. The Toyota 22RE was one of the final engines from the long history of Toyota R family engines. This 4 cylinder 2.4 liter engine made by Toyota is yet another great engine that is made to last.

The Toyota 22RE was first introduced to the public in 1982 and was a cast iron engine. 1985 brought about some big changes for the 22RE; the block was taller and the head was shorter than the previous model. The 22RE is the fuel-injected version of the 22R and originally produced 105 horsepower at 4,800 rpm.

The Celica was the first Toyota vehicle to use the 22RE (learn more here: http://209yota1.com), but were discontinued in 1985. It was also used in the Toyota pick-up trucks and the 4Runner until 1995. In addition to the Celica, pickups and 4Runner, the 22RE engine was also put into the Toyota Hilux, and Toyota Corona and even used in the Volkswagen Taro (until 1997). Over the next decade modifications were made and could reach a maximum torque of 137 at 2,800. By 1995 the horsepower increased slightly to 112 at 4,600 rpm with the maximum torque being rated to 142 at 3,400 rpm.

Overview of the 22RE

The 22RE is an OverHead Cam (OHC) design that has a hemispherical combustion chambers. It is was manufactured as a 4 cylinder engine with one intake and one exhaust per cylinder valve, a total of eight valves. The valve train on the 22RE uses a push rod setup with the camshaft in the block. It also offered soft piston rings that allow the cylinder bores to avoid ridges throughout the duration of the engine’s life and increased its longevity. While it is not quite as effective as a Twin Cam, which offers a two or four valves per, it is extremely efficient.

This engine offers quite a bit of torque at a reasonable RPM because of the long stroke. In later versions of the 22RE, the shorter head model, had keyhole shaped exhaust ports. With that being said, the 22RE is a great dependable and durable engine, but does not offer much get up and go.

Even though the 22RE was discontinued after 1997 it has been reported that these engines are still going strong with usually having the ability to go 300K-400K miles. There have even been a few reports of the Toyota 22RE reaching 1 million miles. The most important thing to remember with the 22RE is to make sure timing chain in changed every 150,000 miles due to the fact that it will get loose and eventually wear through the back of the water pump housing. What the Toyota 22RE engine lacks in power it makes up for it in reliability and longevity.

What You Can Learn From Psychic Readings

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Psychic readings in one form or another have been around since the dawn of human history. There have always been people who were considered gifted with the ability to foretell the future or gain insights into the human psyche. Whether they use astrology, tarot cards, crystal balls or some other form of divination, psychic readers continue to be popular in the modern world. The only difference is that, today, you are just as likely to get a psychic reading on the internet or on the phone as in person.psychic readings

Why People Get Psychic Readings

There are many reasons why you might consult with a psychic. You may have a question about your love life. If you are thinking about marrying someone, you may want a psychic’s opinion about whether this person is truly right for you. For example, an astrologer can compare the natal charts of two people and look for ways they are compatible or incompatible. Or you may have a question about business or finances. Should you start a business, begin a new career or go back to school? The best psychics may be able to provide you with insights in these and other areas related to money. These are just some of the common reasons that people consult with psychics.

Choosing the Right Psychic

There are thousands of people advertising their services, so how do you choose the right psychic? With the ability to access readings online, your choices today are greater than ever before. There are a few ways to narrow down the field.

You may be able to read testimonials from people who have consulted with a particular psychic reader. These are best if they can be verified, of course. Even better is a personal recommendation from someone you trust. Some psychics offer free sample readings. This is a good way to ascertain whether someone has any genuine insights into your personality or future. If they allow you to ask a free question, you can then decide if you want to continue with a full reading.

Atlantic City Psychic Readings

You also should choose a method of divination that you prefer. Some people prefer astrology because it’s based on objective information, such as the time and place of your birth. Card readings can also be insightful if the reader is good. There are also many other types of readings, such as palm readings, I Ching and channeled readings. You can also find psychics who don’t use any props and who just tune into the energy of the person they are reading for.

When Should You Consult With a Psychic?

Only you can decide if it’s time to consider a psychic reading. If you have a question about your life that you are having trouble answering, a psychic can provide valuable guidance. A good psychic doesn’t tell you what to do, but gives you a clearer view of your options and the conditions that you are currently facing. If you do decide to get a psychic reading, you should shop around and seek a trustworthy reader with whom you feel comfortable.

How Long Will The PPI Scandal Continue?

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Long has it been speculated as to how long the ppi claims scandal will continue for, because most people thought that it would be more of a short term issue, with people speculating that within a 18 months it would all be over, however, the scandal is going strong with more people than ever putting in claims for ppi, so how long is this likely to continue for?

Lets look at some of the facts…

  1. First of all, since 2001 there have been over 34,000,000 ppi policies sold
  2. It is speculated that only 1 in 3 people have reclaimed their ppi

Looking at these two facts alone, it becomes quite apparent that there are a lot more ppi policies to be reclaimed upon, and that this scandal will continue well into the coming years, assuming the banks do not get their deadline, which, if this article is anything to go by, the banks don’t have a chance PPI claims.

There are still a plethora of ppi claims that are yet to be reclaimed, and there has been more than £10bn paid out to the British public already, and it is thought that by the time all of the ppi policies have been repaid the total bill will be around £25bn.

So this scandal is likely to go on for some time yet, with so many people still yet to claim their compensation, not to mention the people who have not even thought about putting in a claim yet.

Further down the line, it is expected that perhaps the claims will taper off, due to some people forgetting about their miss sold policies or not taking the time to put their case into action or submit it to a claims management company (CMC), however this is likely to be about the question of awareness and exposure, as people can only act upon information on which they can make their decision, so if the advertisements continue, and people continue to talk about it to their friends, relatives and colleagues it is likely that the demand will remain constant.

If the figures above are correct, that would suggest that we are around the halfway point of the claims’ scandal, meaning that if it has gone on for 3 years so far, it is likely to go on for at least another 3 years assuming the cases are completed at the same rate as they are now, which is accurate.